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Oorly helps you to create a more accessible website. It is very simple to set up and use! Oorly is the best way to make your visitors happier!

What is Oorly?

Oorly is an Accessibility Widget!

Oorly allows your visitors to have a better website experience.

It integrates with your website with a tiny javascript code, and achieves great things with its features!

It manages its service completely over the cloud, and does not create an extra burden on your site.

If you want more detailed information, please just contact with us.


Oorly has 12 cute active features, more on the way!

Bigger Text
It can make the texts on your website more readable with three different size increases.
It can set the intensity of all the colors on your website to high, low or grayscale.
Increases the contrast of all site elements with a high-contrast dark theme. Provides clearer access to low-contrast items.
For easier site usability, navigation, and general accessibility highlights clickable items.
Stop Motion
Animations that are distracting and can trigger seizures, and stops moving content.
Dyslexia Friendly
Oorly's dyslexia-friendly font improves the readability of your website for those with dyslexia.
Bigger Cursor
Increases the standard cursor size by 400% to ensure that the cursor is always visible.
Hide Images
Increases readability by hiding images on your site to avoid distractions.
Text Space
It is more comfortable by opening the letter spacing of all the texts on your website. Allows it to be read.
Line Spacing
By opening the lines in all the articles on your website, allows for easy readability.
Text Alignment
All texts on your website should be right-justified, left-justified or keeps it centered.
Reset the settings
All accessibility settings made by your visitor at once it resets.

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